Trackball Breakout in Bullseye

I’m trying to get the trackball breakout to work in rasbian and I keep getting the no module named evdev when trying to run sudo ./ even though python3 evdev is already installed…

I aslo have xautomation installed but running doesn’t seem to work either

any help appreciated

Are you running
sudo ./
from the examples folder?

cd trackball-python
cd examples
sudo ./

Yeah I’m in the examples folder, what I run into is when running the install-service it comes back with an ImportError: No module named evdev… I’ve looked through a few other threads pertaining to this and it seems that installing python3-evdev is the solution but I have not had any success with running even after installing evdev.

Installing python3-evdev, is what I “think” I did? I’m trying to find my crib notes on what I did to get it working last time around. Sounds very familiar now that you have mentioned it.

Well…I got it working easily in buster… just a bit of a let down at how bad the thing is at tracking I can barely control the mouse… is it supposed to be this way?

Working OK for me. As far as movement goes. I will admit to not using it as much as I thought I would. I also have a mouse plugged in.