Tufty 2040 Full Size Images example coding

Ahoy people.
Im pretty new to tufty 2040 and Thonny.
I want to code 3 full size images or 2 full size / full scale images and one QR code on each button on the tufty. If I press button A one image , if I press B another image etc …
On Github there was no example or any advice how to use a specific coding for images (320x240 pixel) on the tufty. Please I need some help :)
im using Thonny on a Mac I don’t know if this is a problem as well :/

Uploading: Bildschirm­foto 2022-12-01 um 02.17.23.png…
Uploading: Bildschirm­foto 2022-12-01 um 02.19.50.png…

Check out the ‘displaying images’ section in the Tufty tutorial :)

Hi Hel.
I did exactly the same thing and it didn’t work out for me. My Screen is just black and it’s not showing any images.

Is that with the code and sample image linked from the tutorial? Are you getting any errors when you run the code in Thonny?

Hi Hel.
Yes it is. No there is no error or anything. The Code seems to be correct but maybe it isn’t for full size / full scale images showing on the display. im not sure.

Hmm - just given it a try and that code (and the sample image) is working for me with the most recent MicroPython firmware. I’m not sure what you mean by full size/full scale - do you mean you’re trying to use an image that’s bigger than 320 x 240 pixels?

Are the other examples working as they should?

Ahoy Hel.
Thank you very much. I want exactly this kind of image.
Is it now possible to use multiple images for Button B and C as well ?

Many thanks :)

Yep, I’d probably start with this button example and add in the image code.