Tufty 2040 + USB-C Connector Detached

Hello All,

Recently the USB-C connector on my Tufty 2040 (as shown in the photo) has come off. The connector can be pressed on, and it works again, however any tension will pop it right off.

Is there a way to keep the component attached? (I do not currently own a soldering iron, just to note).

Tried tape, nope. Glue?, it is safe?. I am open to ideas.

Thanks so much!!

Trying to hand solder it back on requires a skilled hand at soldering. IMHO anyway. It needs to be hot air reflowed to reattach it.
Is it completely detached?
Any damage to the solder pads on the board?

“Is it completely detached.” →
Yes, the full connector has come off.

“Any damage to the solder pads on the board?” →
Nope, it looks good. The four ‘pins’/‘posts’ (sharp they are) are in good condition and can be pressed back into the board. And if I do that, and hold the component down, the USB connection to laptop works w/o issues. The board turns on and I can update/etc. – However as the USB cable does have tension (ever so slight) it will remove the USB connector from the Tufty circuit board. I need a way to keep it attached. Hence, sadly, my question.

“Trying to hand solder it back on requires a skilled hand at soldering.” →
I lack this skill. Guess that is why I never become a surgeon.

“It needs to be hot air reflowed to reattach it.” →
Sadly, I, also, do not have the equipment to perform such a task. :-(


There have been some brave souls that have reflowed in their kitchen toaster oven. Basically you cover / mask everything except the component to be re soldered, with tin foil. Then turn the heat up to 180 c. There are some videos of this on You Tube.

I have half a dozen or so circuit boards here I could fix with a hot air reflow station. I have the skills to use one, and have plans to buy one. Just have to get the cash and find my round 2it.
Hot Air Soldering Rework Station w/ Three Nozzles [Quick 957DW+] : ID 1869 : $124.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Ask Pimoroni support for a replacement. They are very friendly and helpful.

A reflow station would of course be the best solution, but in this case I would still try a normal soldering iron with a thin tip an lots of flux. Better than throwing it away… The pins are no problem, but you have to be very careful with the connectors on the left side.

@Mad_Monk Do drop us a line at support@pimoroni.com if you haven’t already - I think we had a batch of Tuftys where some of the USB-C connectors weren’t as well attached as they should be.

Thanks Hel!! - I’ve just made the request.

Same exact thing happened to me and Pimoroni made it right quickly, a big thumbs up for customer service.


Hel: I got my replacement board. Thank you!! =)

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