Turn off leds on night vision camera?

Is there any way to turn off the IR LEDs on the Night vision camera module for Raspberry Pi?

It seems the LEDs turn on in the dark even if the camera is turned off. As I’m running from battery and using a PIR detector, I need to minimise power consumption.

The IR modules (presuming you’re talking about this type: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/night-vision-camera-module-for-raspberry-pi?variant=12516582817875) have a small potentiometer which allows adjustment to the point the nearby LDR turns off the illuminator.

unfortunately one side doesn’t work on mine. Even so it’s no good for battery operation as the lights would be on all night. Better would be just a couple of traces that we could solder onto and take actual control. Wouldn’t cost a thing just a little mod to the board.

I too would love to be able to turn these IR illuminating lights on and off via software. I am using them on a Pi Zero W setup powered by a car battery. If they use 1Watt (each?) when I only want them on for a few seconds at a time (when I take a photo), they will hoover up battery power.

Is there any way to turn them on and off with my Python script please?

Have a look here. Refers to various GPIO pins in the camera connector that can be controlled.

Thanks. I’ve taken a look.

Firstly that is a different camera. Mine is the CAM009. I don’t know if that makes a difference, but I am trying to turn of the IR LEDs that provide illumination in the dark, not a small LED that is telling you if the board is powered.

Secondly, I am hoping to plug this camera in to a Pi that has many switches and motors controlled via GPIO pins. Do these cameras use the same GPIO numbering and will it therefore not work if I am using GPIOZero to turn on and off pins and measure voltages when they are inputs?

Fingers tightly crossed…

From the cameras I’ve used, all the different ones tend to rely on the same pin to control either the red status LED or the IR LEDs. I think this is true of the CAM009 module too as they have to conform to a common pinout standard for the CSI cable.

As an aside, in terms of controllable camera illumination, the venerable LISIPAROI module by cyntech (https://shop.cyntech.co.uk/products/lisiparoi-led-light-ring-for-raspberry-pi-camera) or the Bright Pi by Pi-Supply (https://uk.pi-supply.com/products/bright-pi-bright-white-ir-camera-light-raspberry-pi) offer a bit more customisable control.

I think this is a really good question regarding these camera modules. Even when video is involved instead of still images, it would be a very useful feature to have, to be able to control IR lighting programmatically. A initial search for customisation of this particular camera module doesn’t turn out much.

So, is there anyone with experience in basic electronics that could point us in the direction of replacing these LDRs with a mosfet?

Of course the simpler solution would be to just add a black shrink tube over the LDR with a LED against it (or some hot glue), and just control this added led from the GPIO.