Turn the Dock LEDs off?


I’m building a Flotilla powered alarm clock, so it’d be handy to be able to shut the Dock LED lights off. Is there a good way to do this with code? (The other option is to hide the Dock in a box!)

Apologies if this has been answered - a quick search didn’t find anything…


no, it is not possible to shut off the activity and status LEDson the dock. I’m not sure whether a firmware change could allow for that, I suspect not.


Shame. I’m mindful of the ability to instruct the Pi to switch off its own power and activity lights. Is there any way to suggest this as a feature?

In the meantime, I’d like to state how perfectly proportioned a Laughing Cow box is. I assume this is deliberate.


well, there is always a way - if drastic - which is to snip the LEDs cleanly off the PCB.

… other than that, I don’t have the schematic so I can’t verify whether the status LED are permanently connected to power, perhaps @gadgetoid knows the answer to that.


Yes, that is pretty hardcore! Flotilla stealth mode would be a Very Useful Thing (and presumably would reduce power consumption for battery powered projects), but I wouldn’t want to push us too far out of “friendly electronics” territory.

Thanks for the responses!


All the LEDs are driven directly by the XMega so we can potentially turn them all off and get the “stealth mode” you desire. It depends how much headroom we’ve got in the firmware :D

My short-term solution would be to stick a dot of sticky tack over each LED :D


Thanks for the reply - in the absence of an electronic method, I can confirm the effectiveness of the Laughing Cow box, too. The dimensions are almost perfect for containing the Dock and the thick ends of the USB cables. Disappointingly lacking in a maritime theme though - makes me wish you could buy Anchor Butter in round boxes…