Q for quiet? Undocumented command?

While playing around with flotilla using a terminal, I stumbled across a q command that toggles ‘reports’ on and off.
This undocumented dock command turns off all updates from flotilla modules.
Send q to turn off all module update messages and q again to turn updates back on again.
I’m now using this quiet mode to turn off all the chatter coming from motion and colour modules when I’m not interested in their values.
Will this apparently undocumented feature remain in future firmware versions?

I’d imagine that’s been adding mostly for debugging/development purposes and will remain, but @gadgetoid will be able to confirm/deny that.

Yes, the API is pretty much fixed at this point, and the “q” command is considered useful for people such as yourself who play around with Flotilla at a very low level. The chances of it being dropped in a future firmware are slim!

The Dock firmware utilises about 60-65% of the ATXMega32a4u so we’ve plenty of room for adding new modules.