Testing Mac software

I saw on another thread (this one) a discussion of being able to test the Mac / PC software, and @RogueM recommended asking once people had their kits.

My kit arrived yesterday, so this is me asking - any chance of previewing the Mac software?



I am also interested in testing the software for Mac

yup, feel free to check where it’s at by downloading the ‘pre’(release) from:

It’s been tested on 10.9 to 10.11 but I reckon it should work on 10.7 and 10.8 (so basically almost anything you could throw at an Intel Mac).

Don’t forget to upgrade your dock firmware, instructions are included in the repo. Any problem post here. If all work please post here too. Basically, share your experience, good or bad!

Fantastic - thanks very much. Firmware updated (‘dfu-programmer: no device present.’ errors but updated fine) and I’m happily tinkering with Rockpool (on 10.11.2).

Will give more feedback as I have it! :)

The script may state the firmware has been flashed, but if you received a note saying no device was present then it may not have performed the firmware update at all (the script could admittedly be more informative when that happens).

The current firmware is version 1.1, which should be stated at the start of the log window. To be safe you may want to flash it again, it’s safe.

Here’s an outline of the procedure required:

  • run the update script
    an informational warning will be displayed on screen
  • it may ask you for your admin password
    (if you haven’t ran a command with sudo in a little while)
  • it will pause, waiting for you to unplug the dock from the computer
  • once you are ready, plug the dock back in and press any key within a few seconds of doing so
  • you should see the flashing in progress for 1-2 seconds

Essentially you need the catch the device when it is initializing, when the lights are flashing on and off. Once they are steady it is too late and dfu-programmer will state ‘no device present’.

Ah OK, how do I check firmware version / what should I be expecting if the firmware didn’t update successfully? I’m connecting to it fine via Rockpool and at I’ve just had a little play with the rainbow component…

Screenshot of terminal:

EDIT: successfully updated by catching it in the initialisation state. Thanks for the tip! :)

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Updated flotilla-pre today and I can’t get rockpool to work properly now. I’v updated to the latest firmware and I can connect to the hub as rockpool starts getting this info.

osascript: OpenScripting.framework - scripting addition “/Library/ScriptingAdditions/Adobe Unit Types.osax” cannot be used with the current OS because it has no OSAXHandlers entry in its Info.plist.
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] Flotilla starting…
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] Discovery Service Enabled
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] Discovered IPV4 address:
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] Baud rate: 115200
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] WS Port: 9395
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] Flotilla ready to set sail
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] Dock Connected
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] Version: 1.12
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] Serial: 15001f0035573132313503
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] User: Unnamed
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] Name: Unnamed
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] Enumerating Dock
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] Dock 0, Ch 6 Found: rainbow
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] Dock 0, Ch 7 Found: matrix
[2016/02/18 16:10:50] IPV4 Address registered successfully
[2016/02/18 16:10:51] Connection Opened
[2016/02/18 16:10:51] Connection Opened
[2016/02/18 16:10:51] Client Saying Hello!
[2016/02/18 16:10:51] Sending Ident: # Dock: 1.12,15001f0035573132313503,Unnamed,Unnamed,0
[2016/02/18 16:10:51] Client Saying Hello!
[2016/02/18 16:10:51] Sending Ident: # Dock: 1.12,15001f0035573132313503,Unnamed,Unnamed,0
[2016/02/18 16:10:51] Connection Opened
[2016/02/18 16:10:51] Connection Closed
[2016/02/18 16:10:51] Connection Closed
[2016/02/18 16:10:51] Client Saying Hello!
[2016/02/18 16:10:51] Sending Ident: # Dock: 1.12,15001f0035573132313503,Unnamed,Unnamed,0
[2016/02/18 16:10:51] Connection Closed
[2016/02/18 16:11:13] Connection Opened
[2016/02/18 16:11:13] Client Ready
[2016/02/18 16:11:13] Sending Ident: # Dock: 1.12,15001f0035573132313503,Unnamed,Unnamed,0 - - [18/Feb/2016 16:11:13] “GET /css/images/icon-empty.png HTTP/1.1” 200 -

However the browser doesn’t see any modules plugged in.

I know these are working OK because I also use the flotilla hub with Sniff and I can talk to the hub and run programs utilising all the modules with this, running at 115200 baud. Any ideas?

The browser might be caching the old version of rockpool… refresh the page a number of times and see if that helps.

You can also try to access the dock using:

btw, what Mac OS X version is this on?

Just installed OS X Rockpool and can’t seem to update the firmware - I downloaded all the files and when I run the shell script it says it has updated the firmware, but I don’t think it has - I get an error message beforehand saying ‘sudo: ./firmware/dfu-programmer: command not found’ - the dfu-programmer file IS in the firmware directory, though. Any ideas?

I’m working on 10.11.3 (El Capitan).
I flushed out Rockpool completely, reinstalled from the latest flotilla.pre and it is now working with that.
It doesn’t however work with flotil.la/shipshape When I connect with this there are no inputs or
putputs showing.
Pictures ot the different connect screen for Rockpool local and for flotil.la/shipshape shown below.

Using local Rockpool

Using flotil.la/shipshape

yes, looks like flotil.la/shipshape is outdated, which I expected to be the case, but thought would still be OK… there is no reason to use it if you got it working with the local version.

[quote=“blogmywiki, post:9, topic:1643”]
Any ideas?[/quote]
Sounds like your OS does not consider the firmware updater as a valid executable binary… why? I can’t tell without details about your system (hardware details and OSX version).

hum, when you say ‘download all the files’, what do you mean… from where? Could it be you are using the dfu-programmer compiled for a different platform?

I’m using Yosemite 10.10.4 (14E46) on a MacBook Air. I downloaded the files from https://github.com/pimoroni/flotilla-pre - could it be that I just need to chmod the updater to make it executable?

yes, it’s definitely worth a try.