Two Automation 2040w communicating over wifi

After some information on how to make two Automation 2040w communicate over wifi . the project is for one pico w to accept an analog voltage the a/d and to send that to another pico which will output that voltage . It is the communicating I am an unclear about but have done the example wifi program to put inputs on to a web page which was fine , perhaps someone might know an example program for communicating . I have as you gather only just started using the pico w .

Information appreciated

One way to do it is to save the value the AD reads, to a web page. Then have the other Pico W read it and act on it. I’m far from any kind of expert on this but I have plans to use MQTT to save readings (locally) from Pico Enviro setups. Then pull / read the info on another Pico setup, and display it on an LCD display. That’s the plan, like you its early days with that part of my project.

Came across a tutorial on Pi Hut that might be useful…