Ubercorn and mote LED pitch and size

I’d like to know what is the LED pitch on the Ubercorn matrix?
It wouldn’t be the same or a very similar pitch to the mote strips, by any chance?
Also, I know that the RGB LEDs are different types, but are the LED packages a similar size?
I’m just considering a design where I’d need a 16 x 16 matrix, plus at least one more LED row/column.
Would the Ubercorn and 2/4 mote strips fit together, from the size and pitch point of view, for an overall 17/18 x 17/18 matrix?

The pitch is 12mm on Ubercorn. The package size of the LEDs is 4.95mm, the same as the APA102s on the Mote sticks. However, the pitch of the LEDs on the Mote sticks is 10mm.

Hope that helps.