Unable to boot Pi Zero WH

I plugged mine in for the first time last night and nothing. No lights, no display, no nothing. I bought the Essentials kit Zero WH. I have an adapter (UK to US) for the power supply. I verified it works by plugging it into another device that powered up just fine. Is there anything that could be preventing it from booting? I did not install the SD card as I wanted to see if it would just power up. I am an Electronics Engineer. I’ve checked the usual stuff but this is my first Zero. I have a 4B I just started working with and it works fine.


The Zero WH will need the micro sd card inserted to boot.
Should spring onto life.

Hope that helps!

The power LED should still light up though, correct? Even without the card?

No, not on a Zero, it’s a status LED on the Zero. It can be configured as Power and Status but it won’t light up on just power application with no OS running in the background.

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Then I will give that a try. Thanks guys.