Unicorn Hat / Arch Linux / GCC 5


As I already posted in another post I had some troubles using the unicorn hat library with arch linux. Thought I solved it already, but that was not the case…

The python demo scripts worked well for the first start after each reboot, but the demos still weren’t killable by Ctrl+C and after killing the process, they won’t start again, just generating some cpu load, but not more. after some further investigation I hunted the problem down to the gcc… with gcc-4.9.2 -> no problems, everything working fine… with gcc-5.1.0 -> problems as described above :(

I solved it for me by downgrading to gcc 4.9.2 and installing the libraries, so it’s no actual problem for me, just wanted to tell the developers :)

Seems like there are some problems with freeing the interface to the unicorn and gcc 5