Unicorn-Hat | Raspberry Pi 3 | No Output


Hello all, I have a little problem with my unicorn-hat and I would like some help if at all possible.

I am using my unicorn-hat with a raspberry pi 3 (running Kali Linux 2.1.2) and it is in the very dashing ninja case.

Now the problem is the unicorn-hat doesn’t light up whatsoever, I have python 2 but whenever I open an example script it just freezes out, I have to press ctrl+z as ctrl+c doesn’t work, and nothing shows on the unicorn-hat at all. However when I plug in the raspberry pi the unicorn hat flicks a few lights across the board and then turns off a split second later.

So? what do you guys think? any ideas?

Thank you so much,
Nathen Davies


Have you disabled analog audio? Even if you’re not using it, it could be the issue.


I shall try that tonight and get back you.

Thank you.


Heyya, work and illness has played up recently so i am just trying this today :)


I have had a chance to try it since on Kali and I couldn’t find a way to get any output out of the Unicorn. I supect it will be non-trivial, possibly requiring a custom kernel build to get somewhere, but ultimately I have no real pointer to give you I’m afraid.


it’s really odd, it did work on the pi 2 with kali but hey i shall have to sell it then :) thank you anyway


did it? That’s interesting… I assume that was with an older Kali release? I’m not sure what would be the issue hardware wise, so that sort of strenghen my suspicion that the issue is at the kernel level (though that remains a wild guess).


Yeah, That’s the thing, it was the same release just a different PI so i’m not sure whats happening with it, the only difference is the release was changed slightly to allow the built in wifi?


It freezes in the same way for me on a Pi2, so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. It could be due to a kernel option messing things up. Could also be a change in the supporting rpi-ws281x since then.