Unicorn Hat Help Please =)

Hello, I have bought my new toy today. RP2 and unicorn hat =)

I have a question, If I wanted to run a plex sever on the Pi2 can I run the unicorn hat at the same time for a light show during party nights?

This is my first RP so please be gentle.

I haven’t actually tried Plex, so I don’t know what it’s based upon. Do you run it on Raspbian? If so I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t run together.

Sounds like something I need to look into - I’m aware of Plex and have used it a while back on other platforms, but not the Pi.

yes, I believe there are plex packages in the repo at this stage, if not there is Minibian. As long as that Pi is not trying to pipe audio out via the analog output there should be no issue.

… well, that’s the whole point of a media server to delegate the task of playback to other devices, but since I use my (minidlna) Pi server sometimes for direct playback from it maybe it is worth noting here in case you had such plans.

Wow thanks for the response, I got an image that included the PMS and it works brilliantly. I have decided to leave this unit as a pure PMS and purchase another to mess around with whilst I get use to the Pi!. Love it so far =)