Unknown SSL protocol error

Hi, I am trying to run the installer

curl https://get.pimoroni.com/airdac | bash

but I am getting this error

0curl: (35) Uknown SSL protocol error in connection to pimoroni.com:443

help :(

what distribution is this on? anyhow, you can drop the https://' part but you’ll be connected via an unencrypted connection… it’s OK, but some people feel uncomfortable with that, hence the recommendation to connect over an ssl tunnel.

I am following the “Streaming AirPlay to your Pi” tutorial


curl get.pimoroni.com/airdac | bash

I got

curl: (6) Could not resolve host: get.pimoroni.com

Tried again and it just started… strange

then that means you have a dns issue… are you able to ping say google.com, or even do an apt-get update for that matter?

yes I did the apt-get update before trying to run the installer

probably a temporary issue with your ISP, if their DNS goes down then domains can’t be resolved.

Thank you for your help :)