Uno+wifi r3

I have bought arduino board UNO+WIFI R3.
But I do not know at all how to start.

I would appreciate if anybody could guide step by step to control build in LED on this board through internet

There is some info here,
The IDE that you can use to program it you can get here,

I do believe this is what your looking for?

Thank you so much for the reply.

this is the board i am using.

i am trying to find ESP8266WIFi.h library

trying to find the web site which i can follow.
for unowifir3

Have a look at this,

thank you so much.

i tried. but problem after compile and
also error when try to upload to the board.

I think bsic setup for this board is not right yet. is there any other document i could refer
to go through step by step from beginning

thank you

I think “you should” contact RobotDyn about it. I have a couple of UNO’s, non have built in WIFI though.

EDITED for clarity.

i would appreciate if you could share the response from RobotDyn. TQ

Contacting them is something you should do. ;)