USB Audio Input/Output Dongle ADP009 USB version


Dear team,

I would like to ask you, what type of USB revision is this dongle using (USB 1.1 / USB 2.0). Asking because I need to connect more of them to my project and I’m sort of limited by bandwidth, if this dongle is USB 1.1 only (~12Mbps). Even having USB 2.0 on the RPi, a single USB 1.1 deice connected to the controller will force it to fallback to USB 1.1 mode, loosing the USB 2.0 bandwidth.

48kHz * 16 bits creates ~ 768kbps stream per single channel. That limits me to ~15 channels under ideal conditions.

So, is this ongle USB 1.1, or USB 2.0, please?

Thank you.



We believe it’s only USB 1.1- that’s what it appears to report as with lsusb when connected to a Pi. Sorry to disappoint.


Thank you for the answer.