USB-C/PWR Splitter Question

These uses are probably way outside of the intended use, but I wanted to sanity check it that I’m not completely wrong about how it might work.

I’ve got a Lenovo Duet Chrome book, it’s not particualrly powerful, but it’s really portable and with the ability to run linux apps it’s a nice for some Pi Zero 2 W dev. The only downside is that it’s only got 1 USB C port, so I can’t have the Pi connected while I charge.

The Pi is configured as an ethernet gadget and power and data goes through that connection.

Would it be possible to use the USB-C/PWR splitter with this? What I’m hoping is that I can use the splitter to power both the pi and the chrome book, while datais still connected between the 2 devices.


I ended up getting one, my usage didn’t work, but rereading the product page it’s clear I should’t have expected it to. It’s pretty clear it’s one power and data, one power in only, and one data only. I misunderstood how it worked. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find a use for it