Using Arduino and motors to remote control a lego car


I am thinking about a project based on Arduino platform to remote control a lego technics car.

In short the plan is to use an Arduino Uno, Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino v2, couple of DC motors (like and a servo motor.


  • do you have servo motors in stock?
  • what would you recommend to remote control it? Price is important, I have seen some arduino shields with WiFi capabilities, but they are too expensive, looking for something max £20.00 (ideally ~£15.00)
  • do you have stackable header pins in stock?

In terms of remote control, initially I was looking for radio control, but I think web interface would work nicely as well. There is also bluetooth, but all the apps I have seen have very simple interface, and I am an iphone user (it might limit options in terms of pairing devices and so on)

That’s about t for a start ;)

Easy way to make remote control robot is with a Pi using WiFi

But if doing it with an Arduino to save money, then Bluetooth is the cheap way of communicating with one


I’ve had a lot of success using various wireless Pi keyboards and remotes to control a robot. I’ve even got a little tutorial on controlling robots the same way:

@Gadgetoid that subdomain is new! Will you be making more tutorials in the future (i.e Unicorn Hat, Dot3k)?

Yes! Time providing. Hoping to put together an introduction to UnicornHat today- focusing on Paint :D

Awesome. I look forward to it!