Using the hammer header jig with metal screws and bolts


Hi - sorry if this has been answered before (I couldn’t find exactly the same question), or is a bit of a dumb one…

I got the hammer header jig for Christmas, and checked the video on the website on how to use it, but the jig I got has 2 metal screws/bolts and 3 nuts.

Having seen some of the other posts I’m guessing the metal bolts are now being used due to some of the problems some people had with fitting the plastic ones through some of the HATs - the bolts are slightly narrower. The thing is, the bolts are so narrow they won’t stay in the jig - I assumed thjat’s what the nuts are for - to hold them in place, but if I use the nuts on the top side of the jig, they protrude above the surface of the jig , and it isn’t going to be good hammering a Pi PCB against them when fitting the header.

Where should the nuts be used, as I don’t think I have them in the right place…

THanks :)


I’ve a feeling that this may have been answered by Steffen, one of our support team, but I’ll answer again just in case!

The nuts go on top of the Pi to hold it really securely. Photo incoming…

I’ll also update the product page and tutorial with this information. :-)



Thanks Sandy - kind of feeling I should have thought of that :)