Hammer Head and Phat Beat

Just a heads up that the screws that come with the hammer header jig don’t fit into the mounting holes on the new Phat Beat, The smaller screws that came with the Phat are not long enough, so my workaround was to use some wooden BBQ skewers/or matches and a bit of hot glue instead of the screws.

BTW, Fantastic tutorials @sandyjmacdonald , however the top down photos make it hard to see the orientation of the screws, a slight angle shot would make it a little more obvious that I’d put them in the wrong way around in my haste to get things rocking.

Good to know I’m not alone. I had the exact same issue with the ScrollBot kit! I used the smaller screws until it was lined up and starting to go through, then removed them and just held it in place over the jig with a couple of lolly sticks underneath the pHAT to support it which worked fine.

I tried the screws that came with the hammer header jig with a PiZero, PiZero W, Unicorn pHAT and the Scroll pHAT HD that came in the kit. Only the Scroll pHAT HD was too small for the screws.

Also on the subject of screws, my ScrollBot kit came with 8x M3 white nylon bolts & 10x nuts and
2x M2.5 white nylon bolts with no nuts! Luckily I had some spare M2.5 nuts so I used those. It would be nice if you sold the nylon nuts & bolts. I know I can get them elsewhere and they’re fairly cheap, but just being able to chuck in a mixed packet of them with an order could be good :)

Maybe sounds like an error in pcb design.

@gadgetoid might be able some light!

I’m told it’s just a matter of believing that screwdriver-installed nylon bolts will loose the battle against fibreglass PCB and not do any damage to your pHAT.

IE: The bolts are deliberately very tight to hold everything ridged while you apply a little good-old-fashioned percussive maintenance.

Disclaimer: I have personally never installed a hammer header of any kind. /summons @sandyjmacdonald

There’s tight and there’s ‘no way is that going to fit’ though! The bolts are tight in the Unicorn pHAT and PiZero, but there was no way they would fit the Scroll pHAT HD for me.

@hexywoo I’ve just measured the holes on Scroll pHAT HD and pHAT BEAT with my callipers and can confirm that they are significantly smaller than those on Unicorn pHAT. They measure 2.6mm as opposed to the 2.75mm that they should be. We’ll feed this back to our PCB manufacturer. All I can guess is that they used a different drill diameter for some reason. We’re looking into bundling an additional couple of M2.5 bolts with these kits to cover such eventualities. Apologies!

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The M2.5 bolts need to be longer than the ones you supply with the Phat Beat kit as they just were not long enough to engage with the top hammer plastic, especially while doing female headers.

Sure. We’ll use the same length as the M3 ones supplied.

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