Vertical Picade?

I’m a proud owner of an “older” Picade model, which I enjoy a lot.

So, I was thinking, wouldn’t be cool to have the option of a “vertical” Picade with a 3:4 or 9:16 lcd? All the components of the current model may be re-used, just the cabinet should be adapted to the new form factor.

This will be a perfect for vertical shooters and also pinball games, which are more relevant now that the Raspberry pi 4’s horsepower may enable to run. Also the Pi 4’s double hdmi output may make possible to implement a dynamic marquee or a pinball DMD screen. See some examples below:

What do you think?

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I do believe you can do that with the Adafruit Cupcade. Its only a small display though so not that big a deal to rotate it. Still. Might be something some of you want. A little bit of work I would think with an 8 inch or 10 inch screen.

From the product page.
First: you can configure it for either vertical (Ms Pacman! Donkey Kong! Arkanoid!) or horizontal screen (Joust! Qix! Nintendo!). The controls can be set to either joystick-in-center or to the side. We provide for both configurations just pick which you want during construction.

Nice idea, I do like maniac shooter and d be the perfect solution