VL53L1X Distance Sensor on the Pico

Can anyone tell me if the full ST API for the VL53L1X distance sensor can be implemented or has been implemented on a Pico ? I have managed to get the sensor working (sort of) using very simple micropython code on the Pico (it basically initialises the device and reads a number via I2C) - but I would like to have the full API available - preferably in C. The ST supplied API code looks big/complicated and porting it to the Pico may not be a trivial exercise. Despite this, the ability to use the full API on a Pico might be a very useful feature for many projects. Any thoughts ?

Have a look see here, scroll down the page, might help?
Issues · pimoroni/BreakoutGarden (github.com)

Another spot to poke around is here,
pimoroni/pimoroni-pico: Libraries and examples to support Pimoroni Pico add-ons in C++ and MicroPython. (github.com)

Thanks for the links. The VL53L1X driver code in the Pico add-on libraries should provide me with a good starting point to develop a more comprehensive API on the Pico. Most of the code I’ve looked at seems to be full of undocumented “magic numbers” - presumably because the sensor manufacturers have not published a fully documented register map. This makes everything more complicated than it should be - what were they thinking ?