Weather hat and MQTT to Home Assistant


I am trying to find instructions on how to set up the Pimoroni Weather hat to send meassages to Mqtt.
Is it possible to find the instructions somewhere?

It’s been a while since I used it, but this is the Python code I ran on my Pi to post my Weather HAT data into Home Assistant: Weather HAT - MQTT for Home Assistant · GitHub.

You’ll need to add your MQTT broker details (I used the Mosquitto add-on in HA as my broker) and install the MQTT integration in HA to be able to work with MQTT sensors. I think there are some decent guides online for setting up MQTT in Home Assistant if you need help with this?

I think this Python script works with Home Assistant’s auto-discovery, so if the MQTT stuff is up and running your new sensors should automatically appear in your Home Assistant overview…

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Adding a successful usage of the solution referenced above. Got me exactly what I wanted with minimal effort.

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Worked perfect, thank you!
How do you present the data on the dashboard? Do you have a special card for that? Or statistics?
Do you know how I can load this script on startup?

I have one issue with the file. I don`t get the wind direction into home assistant. I can see it posting direction on the broker with mqtt explorer. The value is east, south, south east…
In home assistant the value comes up as unknown.
How can I change the python file so it shows up in home assistant?

Did you get the wind-direction into Home assistant? I only get unknown. In MQTT i can see the values west, east and so on.
I would prefer to get the degrees delivered to Home assistant since most of the lovelace cards uses degrees.

I have a problem with the wind sensor not sending to Home Assistant.
All the other sends data all the time, but Windsensor stops sending after a while. How can I check this sensor?