Which Image Processing system should I use - help please

OK, I admit that I am completely confused again, and as you guys did such a good job of guiding me last time, here goes:
I want to use the RPi camera to read music (simple music, of course, just dots, really) and then drive a hand to play a simple keyboard. I can manage the hand/finger movements, but I am a novice when it comes to processing an image to determine the note represented by a dot.
For the image processing I have been reading the various blogs, forums etc, and am confused. Should I use SimpleCV, OpenCV, Picamera, Picamera+Numpy, IMGPROC or what…
Choice is all very well, but there seems to be no simple way for a newbie like me to choose the most appropriate software package.
Perhaps there is no choice, and I need aspects of all of these competing facilities?
Please advise.

I’m afraid I’m not much of an optical recognition wizz myself, but I did find a couple of other links that you may find useful (though, you’ve probably seen most of them before).


I’d recommend OpenCV myself, simply because I’ve used it for face recognition, and these links are all based upon OpenCV.

I’d say it’s an ambitious project, but there must be plenty of people here who could help!