Why so long to install UnicornHat and why the Flash question?

I wish to make a complaint! :)

How come it takes longer than the 1/2 life of the Universe to install the software!

I could do a full Raspian upgrade from the initial image to present day in a 10th of the time!!!

And why bother asking if I want to install Flask if I need it?

NO-ONE likes a prompt after 30 mins!!!

Disgruntled of Lancashire!!!

Hi Disgruntled!

@gadgetoid is there anything we can do to expedite the install process? Or at least ask all pertinent questions at the start?

It took 30 minutes?

I’ll have to run through it again, but I’m pretty sure I went through the same process on Thursday in about 5 minutes ( if that ) from a fresh Raspbian install. It doesn’t really install all that much, although there’s a compile that has to take place and “apt-get update” can be slow sometimes.

Asking all the pertinent questions up-front is logical though! Then at least if it really is that slow it can just tell you to grab a sandwich! ( In a neighbouring country )

I may have,possibly,just a little bit,but not by much exaggerated ever so slightly
the time taken.

But then again, I fell asleep during the process so there is no real record
of the actual time :)

But asking all questions and then getting on with it would be a good
improvement so I can run it overnight next time :)
Slightly less Disgruntled after a nice pint of something called Chocolate
Porter with chillies :)

I re-installed the UnicornHAT libraries last night and it seemed to take longer than it did a few weeks ago.