Wide input shim 5v 2amp

In reference to the wide input Shim I have in my cart…

So with a cm4s on the way, I am wondering if this will work well with some or all the compute module 4s. It is rated for only 2 amps… unless that 5v is actually 5.15 or 5.2v I fear there maybe undervoltage issues.
Obviously a cm4 4 or 8gb ram +wifi+ emmc may draw more juice then a cm4 1gb lite mSD so I am wondering where it maybe good to use and where to do a more hearty power solution.

I am planning on making the most stream line pi I can. I have a waveshare nano board B carrier which gives me what I want in ports (except usb3 but does have OTG and 2.0 host)

Try it and see, IMHO. Under voltage usually happens due to a voltage drop on the power supplies cable under high current draw. Under normal circumstances anyway.
Exceeding the max current the supply can produce will cause it to reduce its output voltage. That’s a totally different issue.
What else you have connected to the CM4 will likely determine which issue you hit, if any.

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