Wide Input Shim

I have some questions regarding the Wide Input Shim:

  • is it possible to combine the Wide Input Shim and the On/Off Shim simultaneously on one pi?
  • using 12 V input, how much current do I have to provide to have the 2 A, 5 V full output?
  • what is the dimension of the 5.5mm OD female adapter inner pin? 2.5 mm or 2.1 mm?

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5V @ 2 A is 10 Watts. 12V @ 0.833 is also 10 watts so you need 0.833 A. Thats not accounting for any lose in the conversion so I’d say at least 1A to play it safe.
I would think, to use both, you would have to feed the +5V output of the Wide input shim to the input of the on off shim. You won’t be able to mount them both onto the GPIO header.

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Thank you very much for your help!

Since I do now have the Wide Input Shim at home I can say that the female connector has the dimensions 5.5mm/2.1mm. The pirates may consider adding this information to their description since there are so many different connectors out there.

The wide input shim covers 12 pins on the RPi. Is it necessary to solder all pins (i.e. how many pins are actually used by the shim).
Also, one of the pins is physical pin 12 which is the PWM pin on the RPi, can this pin still be used for PWM when the shim is connected?


Pinouts for a lot of pHats and Hats can be found here,

I don’t see the wide input shim listed though? Thats likely because it only uses the +5V and Ground pins.
You could just solder those pins but you then run the risk of the shim maybe moving around when you plug your power supply in. Which is likely why they used that many pins. So its firmly attached and won’t move around and maybe touch the Pi short something out.
I would think you can use any of the GPIO Pins you want. All it does is supply +5V to your Pi via the GPIO power pins.