Windows 10 Not recognizing unless I copy uf2 to tufty

Everytime I connect tufty2040 to my pc or after restart of tufty windows does not recognize it, I have to copy pimoroni-tufty2040-v1.22.2-micropython.uf2 to it in order for Windows to recognize it. I’ve tried updating the windows drivers with the raspberry pico driver. Am I missing something?

Can you elaborate on that?
Not detected on USB bus?
Or not showing up in your IDE?

If flashed with Micro Python, it will not show up as a removable drive in File Explorer. You will only see the RP2 when its in Boot Mode.

When I plug the tufty into the usb and hold the boot/usr button and hit the pwr button, it will show in windows explorer as a drive. In device settings it comes up as “other devices” “RP2 Boot”.

In order for Thonny to see and connect to the Tufty I have to copy pimoroni-tufty2040-v1.22.2-micropython.uf2 to the drive that shows up. Once I have copied the uf2 file, the tufty will show up under the ports (in my case COM3)

I am then able to connect to tufty in Thonny on COM3. Since I’m a new member I’m only allowed 1 picture to be attached.

If I unplug or have to reboot Tufty, I have to copy the uf2 file again and then select it in Thonny. Is there a better way of doing this or am I doing something wrong?

You shouldn’t have to copy the uf2 file again? I unplug and reboot my Tufty and can reconnect to it in Thonny. The com port number may change but once I select the correct entry I can connect. Once I flash it I don’t touch the boot select button again. Not unless I want to re-flash it with a new image.

When you plug your tufty in holding the bootsel button, it starts up in “bootsel” mode; that’s what makes it appear as a drive to windows explorer, and Thonny won’t be able to talk to it.

Copying the uf2 file re-installs the firmware, and restarts in, let’s call it, “non-bootsel” mode; that will not appear as a drive to windows, but Thonny will talk to it happily.

What you need to do is to leave the bootsel button alone when you plug in your tufty. Just plug it in. You won’t have a drive show up (you don’t need one), and Thonny will see it.

See chapter: Programming Tufty with Thonny

Once MicroPython is installed, Tufty won’t show up as a drive on your computer any more. To program it, you’ll need to talk to it through an interpreter - we’re using Thonny…

Are you pressing the power button to turn on the board before you try and talk to it with Thonny?

(The power button is an on/off toggle on this board, unlike some of our other boards…)

Thanks everyone. So plug it in, don’t hit the “boot” button and only hit the power button worked. I thought I tried that, guess I didn’t. Problem solved. Also, sorry for the delay, between work and other stuff I haven’t had time to play. Thanks again.


No problem, nice to know you figured it out. Now you can have some fun with your Tufty.
I have mine setup to display weather info via a BME680. The nice big 320 x 240 LCD helps make it easily readable. I show date and time too so its a clock +. =)