Wrong Pliers Received


I received my order today but i received the wrong pliers i ordered the PZ-58 but i got the PZ-57 instead. Thanks Chad


My order number is #PI77878


Can you email support@pimoroni.com and they’ll sort out? Cheers!


Ok thanks i emailed them.


Hello i didn’t get a response from support yet, just wonder how long a response took ? I was afraid they would sell out of the other pliers.


Mark sent me the right pair and i paid for the others so i didn’t have to send them back i appreciate the help. I tried the pliers you guys sent me and they do work good. I just removed a few screws that were pan head and were tight and the pliers didn’t slip a bit they took the screws right out, actually these are amazing if anyone was doubting the engineer pliers they do work great and the quality is top notch and very comfortable in the hand. Thanks Chad!