youTube Show Suggestion: Show And Tell


Ok, nothing new but it would be good to have a ‘Show And Tell’ show much like Adafruit do but on UK time. I’ve done the Adafruit show a few times but being up at 1am on a school night is a bit naughty. Also the lag over the pond makes it a bit awkward at times. I think you guys would be great at running a uk version of their show.

Richard e Collins.


Hey Richard, would you be up for doing some tests with us to see if we can make it work?


Yer sure, no probs. I’m at my PC at home most evenings anyway as I’m doing an OU degree.


I, also, would love to have a UK-run show and tell - because I can’t do it in term time, otherwise! Also, as Adafruit’s show has 600-odd people competing for eight slots or whatever, it can be hard for people to get in, particularly with transatlantic lag meaning we don’t get invites at the same time or whatever.


Little tip. don’t wait for the invite. Just refresh your G+ page and it’ll popup when they open it. I’ve got in all of the three times I tried. :)

I was tempted to do my own but as I have as about as much visibility as an amoeba on a rubbish tip I don’t think anyone would show up. LoL It is a big commitment as to work well for the users it would have to be in the evening at the same time every week.


We are totally up for trying this - mostly we need poking :-) I guess we need to work out the process for lining this stuff up (and also run some tests to ensure we’re setup for it!)


I would copy what Adafruit do, make a G+ circle and add people to it when they ask on your G+ stream. Then send the invites out. Google should handle the rest for us. I can make myself free any time this weekend even if you want to just try out the G+ circle thing to see what it is like. I’m at home watching F1 or studying my OU degree this weekend so should get a ping on my phone.

Once you have tried it you should have an idea at the level of work is needed to keep something like this going. I’ll be a regular mostly because I’m a big show off. :) LoL


Is there any update on this? I have some cool things in the works I’d love to share.