Zero4U + Pi Zero W?

Has anyone tried Zero4U with Pi Zero W?

A quick Google search reveals there’s a serious problem with WiFi radiation interfering with the pogo pins. Their solution is shipping a ferrite ring with the Zero4U, but this isn’t the case with the one from Pimoroni if I understand correctly, so I was wondering what’s the best thing to do to make use of the pogo pins with the Zero4U?

All of the kits we currently have in stock include the ferrite ring. We’re updating our product description to reflect this.

If you’ve already got a Zero4U, they’ve got you covered, from their website:

If you purchased Zero4U before 2017.3.9, and you want the ferrite ring, please contact us. We can send you the ferrite ring if you are willing to pay the shipping cost, or we can send it with your new order together, if you are going to place one.

With a link to their contact page here: Contact Us | UUGear