12.1 Inch Display Question


Sounds more like it’d be the board.


I received my LTN121XL01-N03 from displaysscreen.com yesterday and haven’t seen those issues. Did the control board supplier flash it with the correct firmware?

On a separate note, that 12" screen is lovely - viewing angles are great, no dead pixels or bleeding edges, fantastic quality, and games look ace on the larger screen!


Would someone who has one of the 12" displays mind testing if you can enable GL Drivers within Rasbian please? (raspi-config) It won’t work on mine and just wondered if it affects others too.



I’d contact the board seller and verify they flashed it with the correct drivers.

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Wow, this thread has certainly gained a lot of attention! Great to see people getting help with their issues.


I believe the driver board has wrong firmware, cos’ I have same issue with the LTN121XL01-N03, however I am using a different LCD Controller, the model is “LA.MV9.P-V29” , it’s cheaper and widely available on the ebay (search keyword V29 LCD Controller), moreover there are tones of tutorial for it

BTW I flashed firmware for “LTM14C4214” Panel fixed the problem. (You can ask the seller flash for you)


Thanks. I mailed the board back to the seller. Hopefully I will have a replacement this week and will let you guys know the outcome.


I bought the Canakit 5V 2.5A power adapter from Amazon for the Pi. I bought a 12V 1A adapter from iMBa Price (also on Amazon)

Hope that helped. Sorry for the delay


So I got a reply from the seller that supposedly they did not find a problem with the board on their panel. They say it could be my panel or something they could not find so they offered a full refund instead or sending it back. I don’t quite agree with them but told them to refund my money.
Now I am stuck in a limbo and have no way to test the screen without buying another board. I am almost at the point of just returning the screen back to Japan and forgetting the upgrade all together. I am so frustrated. Any ideas?


Did you use the seller for the board from this thread?

I’d contact the panel seller and tell them what’s happening, they may offer to send you a new one for nothing.


Yeah I got the panel from displaysscreen.com
I still think the panel is good and the problem was the board but I have no way of knowing that. I think I might just buy another board and pray that it works.


May be you can try this board :

The downside is it doesn’t come with the keyboard and need to solder the IR receiver (I suggest you find a seller come with keypad and IR Cable)

And here is the link for the firmware :
You just need to put the V29.bin to the root of USBdrive, plugin the board and power on, wait for the light on the keypad (that’s why you need the keypad :P) turn green permanently and it’s done.

You may need this LVDS cable if you returned yours with the old board

The link provided is just for your reference, since I am living in Hong Kong I bought all my stuff from taobao.


Would you mind posting some pictures of your board connected to the screen. I just want to make sure it wasn’t a mistake on my end.


I’ll never refuse a request to show off this awesome thing. Here are the photos:


Problem solved. It was a bad board from the NY ebay seller. I ended up ordering another board from an ebay seller in China (item 180979602491) and had it shipped via DHL. The seller shipped it on Friday and it got here today (Monday). Everything is in working order now.
The ebay seller from NY was not to helpful and did very little to help solve the issue. He simply refunded my money.
Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully this post helps other people with their buying sources.


Glad to hear you got it working in the end!


What power supply did you use for that board?


I found one at work that is 12V 3A but you can use one with 2A and it will work fine.


Fair enough, thanks :)