12.1 Inch Display Question



I bought the LTN21XL01-N03 from displaysscreens but it does not come with a ribbon cable to hook it up to a driver board I bought. Does the ribbon cable that comes with the 8 inch screen work with the 12 inch?



@Paucade It doesn’t seem like it will - I just held up my old 8" screen’s ribbon cable up to my 12" LCD (same model as yours) and I can see the ribbon cable is too wide.


All cables and required items come with the driver board. The 8in will not be compatible with the 12in. The “keyboard” is the same however. Keyboard is the on/off, source, menu buttons.


Got it! Working but screen is rather wobbly!


“Wobbly?” That shouldn’t be the case. Once the panel is properly affixed the “X” bracket, then all you need is the proper ribbon cable. My ribbon cable came with the controller board I ordered on eBay.

If you used the one from the 8" panel then you are a brave soul. Buy a roll of kapton tape and tape that sucker down as best you can.


Sorry, I meant the image is wobbly…I think I am suffering the same effect as Luis above. I have emailed the US seller of my driver board and purchased another from China (again using Luis recommendation of EBay item 180979602491). There are delays because of Chinese New Year! I was very please that my screen from displayscreens works OK though! I just need a proper driver board.

I also used one of these for power: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B018QF960A/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

However, the screen blanks out occasionally, I wonder if I it might be another symptom of the driver board though. So I will wait for the new board, and try to get a refund of my existing one.


If that USB hub is the only power source then I think that is the main reason the screen blanks out.
I use 2 separate power adapters, one for the PI and another for the panel. The one I got for the panel is this one:

And this is the one fro the Pi:


For those interested in an excellent 12.1 screen I have found a source for the Samsung LTN121XL01 panel: https://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/0.html?orderId=82750077355286&productId=32357407170
$ 125.50

You have to pay by credit card (no Paypal) so use a virtual one if that makes you nervous.
Shipping was fast: I placed the order on March 18 th, and received it March 30th in France, with tracking once the package reached Europe.

As for the screen: wow! It’s brand new, with the control board & control buttons, and works perfectly. You just need a a 12V 1.5 Amp power supply with a 5.5 x 2.5 mm DC jack. It’s bright with great viewing angles


I ordered a SAMSUNG Screen 12.1" 1024×768 LTN121XL01-N03 from www.displaysscreen.com and the following controller board: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151648143215 as an upgrade for my picade. Now I’m experiencing the same problem as Luis, shaky and distorted video even when there is no input the screen is distorted. I tried two different powersupplies, one with 2 Amps and the other 3 Amps. I’ve send a message to the Ebay seller and asked for his opinion. After reading this thread, my guess is that I’ll be sending this controller board back to China soon…


Walter, did you get a reply from the ebay controller board seller? I want to buy one from them, too, but want to know if they’ll replace it if I get a the ‘shaky’ version…


is there an alternative seller for the samsung ltn121xl01?
displaysscreen.com sent me a broken one and the give no support!
i dont want to buy a second from them!


Sorry for the delayed answer… but I got a reply from the ebay seller. He’s sending me a replacement board and told me I didn’t have to return the old board. Till today I haven’t seen a package delivery. I’ll report back if the new one arives.

Update1: I received the replacement board, but I still have distorted video. It is possible the boards have the wrong firmware or it’s a faulty screen. My next try is the same thing what Luis did, ordering another board from an ebay seller in China (item 180979602491).

Update2: I received the new controller board (my third one) but from a different seller. This time the image is clear and without distortion! So please be aware of the following ebay seller: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151648143215. That guy doesn’t know how to flash the correct firmware on the board. If you are looking for a controller board for a LTN121XL01 panel, order the one that Luis recommended (item 180979602491).


I hope this doesn’t happen to me since I just ordered another one from them. Did you get a response from them? What exactly is wrong with the screen?

UPDATE: Just got my second screen from displaysscreen.com and it works fine.


Hi Brandito, I’ve just bought the same screen as you from eBay. When it arrived I noticed it was marked so I removed the front perspex (the bit you can remove by popping the metal surround clips). Even after giving the inside of the cover, as well as the LCD itself a good clean, I’m still not 100% happy.

I’ve yet to fully unpackage my Picade, but wondered whether the LCD would work without the front screen cover on it? Does the Picade have its own protective screen front to it?

Open to anyone elses thoughts as well.


Hi Dyltone, does your Picade single power button solution actually turn the LCD screen on and off as well, or is the button only used to intitate the ATXRaspi?


Radiokid: Answered in PM.


@walter I am glad it worked out for you at the end. I just finished working on a new Picade build for a friend and ordered the same board from ebay (180979602491) and it worked perfectly.


What’s everybody doing with the left-over 8-inch screens? Is there an officical (or unofficial, for that matter) stand or case for it? Or even a DIY idea? I’ve ordered a 12" 4x3 screen last weekend and would love to re-use the original Picade screen for something like Amibian or a compact Retropie setup with my Raspi Zero W.


Excellent question. These are the times I wish I had a 3D printer. I’ve got an extra Pi3b lying around, and would love to use the small old display panel (inside an enclosure) with small speaker and a Hori Fighting Commander for on-the-go SFIII: 3rd Strike sessions.


I’m considering doing a small Lack table arcade or mounting the screen in a cut-out box. I have yet to find a suitable box though for the latter idea though, something like a large-enough lunchbox or an interesting-looking (and sturdy) storage box.