52pi with M2

Just a quick question about the 52pi case.

Got the one with the Ice fan. Looks good with it all lit up so no quibbles there. Overall it is a nice setup for my needs.

My question is the M2 board underneath the pi. I do not have one yet do turned it on. Getting nothing on the monitor nor the 6" screen I connected to it. So I doubt the Micro HDMI part is fine but as I am getting nothing then it may need a longer HDMI to correctly connect. But as I am getting nothing I am wondering if the M2 expansion board needs a M2 to bring up the desktop on the screen monitor. Am I right or does the HDMI need sorting as I had problems in the past with some cases requiring a longer type of HDMI (although I think the M2 need to be installed first as that is my primary assumption).

Your thoughts on this?