No HDMI output on Pi5 (tried Batocera and DietPi)

I’ve setup my new Pi5. It boots from nvme (the bottom board is amazing!) or from sd. I’ve tried multiple different settings (including the safe setting) but no matter what I do, i can’t seem to get my output from my Pi5 to display on my monitor. When I plug in the pi, the screen goes dark, so it knows that there is something on the other end, but I never get an output. Any ideas? In DietPi I’ve tried setting my display driver to the 1920x1080 specific one, vc4-kms-v3d (noaudio) and vc4-fkms-v3d and I get no video output.


A few things I’d be considering if it were me. That you may wish to try.

What happens when using the recommended default install of bookworm, wriiten by the Pi foundation Imager, please? Ideally written to an sdcard, at least for now.

Have you tried another cable, port or even dispay if you have one?

Are you able to SSH into this Pi5 with another machine, if you have one. Log in and run xrandr?

Has this Pi5 worked previously or is this the first use?

Just trying to isoloate the issue, without wishing to insult your intelligence.

You might want to remove the case (if its in one) to make sure its not blocking / preventing the HDMI cables from plugging in firmly.

I was able to get it to work, I’m not really sure what caused it. I removed my case and connected and was eventually able to get it to work on both DietPi and Batocera. Case is back on and everything is working again.Thanks for the help!

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What case are you using? Best guess is the HDMI cable wasn’t fully plugged in and not making a good contact.

Pimoroni Coupe 5 but with the nvme base I need to modify it a bit to make everything fit (longer plastic screws, maybe some plastic washers to put between the nvme base board and the plastic case bottom

Ok, I’m using that same case, and no HDMI issues here.

My Pi 5 NVMe build - Discussion - Pimoroni Buccaneers

I pulled the top layer and layer 2 from the case since the top layer was interfering with the POE Hat’s component. Layer 2 interferes with the nvme base and doesn’t allow the screws to go through far enough for the Hat’s standoffs to attach. I’m tempted to modify the top layer to clip away the part that the POE hat hits so I can have the top layer of the case there, but I’d need some longer plastic screws so that I could attach the bottom correctly. As it is, I may get some more plastic nuts to try to secure layer 3 to layer 4 and to still be able to attach the bottom so it is fully secure. (sorry I couldn’t upload more photos at the moment because I’m new). Do you know where I could get longer screws and the nuts (or their sizes so I could look them up)?

They used to sell an extended bolt pack, but retired it. =(
Pibow extender bolt pack (
And expansion layers. =(
Pibow Modification Layers (not suitable for Raspberry Pi 4) - Height extension (

I bought them fairly regularly, but it looks like nobody else did? I pretty well used up what I had on hand building what I posted above.

I do believe they are M3? @hel can likely confirm that.
Black Nylon Machine Screw and Stand-off Set – M3 Thread : ID 4685 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

I’ve been seeing M2.5 in random places, but I’m not 100% sure. I’d love to have the exact specifications so I don’t have to buy multiple sets. I’m thinking 25mm should be enough space to get everything spaced correctly. Anyone know the dimensions of the long screws that go underneath the base and into the standoffs? I’d love to get them flat so the plastic case sits flush against the nvme base.

The metal ones used in the standoffs are M2.5. I thought you were asking about the ones used with the Pibow Case, the white nylon ones, those are M3.

My NVMe base came with some nice flat headed screws?

The flat head ones were for the m.2 only on mine. My standoff were slightly rounded so they don’t sit flat against the plastic. I was asking about the nylon ones for the size… I’ll try finding 25mm long m3s. Thanks!

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The nylon bolts/nuts were M3 sized so thanks! My build looks better now. I can’t wait for the official coupe5 compatible case for the NVME base!