Accessing the terminal in MotionEye?

Hi, I’m very new at this. I set up my Octocam with MotionEye, following the beginner tutorial. Now I want to follow the tutorial for making a timelapse with Octocam.

Where the tutorial says “If you’re using a camera and a Pi,” does it mean a separate Pi from the Pi Zero that runs the camera?

If not, how do you access the terminal via MotionEye OS? (I searched high and low to figure out commands MotionEye would recognize when hooked up to a monitor and keyboard, and couldn’t find anything. And the web interface doesn’t seem to have anything relevant.)

If so, is it possible to install the libraries on the Pi Zero using a Windows computer? I don’t have a Pi other than the Pi Zero that’s running the camera.


Motion Eye boots to the command line. It’s built on BuildRoot though which imposes some restrictions on what you can do.
I have several Motion Eye OS camera setups here, all are running headless. If you connect a monitor it will show you what IP address it is using. I set mine up with a static IP via the WEB GUI. Anyway, knowing its IP address you can log into it via Putty (from my windows PC) and run terminal commands. I’ve done it to setup my presets for my Pan Tilt Hat, and to turn off the Pi’s Power and status LED’s.

You may have better luck doing the timelapse with a stock PiOS install rather than via Motion Eye OS. If you have a spare Micro SD card you could set that up with PiOS to see if you can get done what you want. I only took a quick look at that tutorial.