Account auto created on store

One of the reasons, there are a few, why I choose to buy from Pimoroni is that I can use the shop with paypal and don’t need to create an account. Recent events have made me very cautious with where I leave my details. Yesterday, seeing it was also pay day, I caved in and brought the Picade and some other bits. :)

Was this mail sent from you guys?
What triggers it being sent, was it me (did I click something) or an auto event?
Is there any advantage to having an account with the shop?

Thanks, Richard :)

Hi Richard,

Not sure which e-mail you’re referring too - if you want to forward a copy to me ( I’ll take a look!

Main benefit to having an account is that your details are saved for next time you visit. It also makes it easier to look up your order history if you need support. :-)