Adding 2 speakers onto Picade X HAT

Has anyone tried to connect 2 speakers in series or parallel to the Picade X HAT?

I currently have a single speaker rated at 4Ω 3W but would like to put 2 speakers into a custom bar top case.
Note that this is more for aesthetic reasons.

I’m not too clued up on this subject so would be interested to know of the reasons (if any) as to why this might not be a good idea

Should be doable, keep in mind that two 4 ohm in series equals one 8 ohm speaker. The sound level is split across the two. They will each be half as loud as one 4 ohm. They will look better, but you won’t get louder sound. Won’t be lower either. It’s the way I would go.

Two 4 ohm in parallel will only be 2 ohm. If you go that way I would use two 8 ohm speakers, to get your original 4 ohm load. I’m not sure what the sound level will be going that way? It’s been a while since I played around with speakers and amps.