Adding my own buttons to pHat Beat (Pirate Radio)

I would like to add my own buttons to my pHat Beat Pirate Radio for volume, channel etc. I see that the GPIO used by each button is marked on the board. And I verified it by looking at the pinout online. Can I just wire up my own arcade buttons to those same GPIO pins? And if yes, do I pull the GPIO to a logic low or high to do a button press?


Yep, you can wire your buttons between the GPIO pins and ground, that’s exactly what the switches on pHAT Beat do. :)

Sounds good. Some nice big easy to push buttons are on my to do list for my setup. Mine is in a repurposed wooden subwoofer box. No way to reach the actual buttons on the pHat Beat. Not easily anyway. For now I’ll just make do with my IR remote control. I’m going to want a backup though in case the remote quits with a dead battery or something.

Just finished wiring it all up, pictures here if your interested.!AjOYwiwlwDtpgrJY6ORLsK5AVpwNuw