Any warranty on the official Raspberry Pi 3A PSU?

Good morning, everyone.

I have a 4GB Raspberry Pi4 purchased back in June. It has been running like a champ until yesterday. I ran it down and unplugged it, moved it to another room, and now it won’t power up at all. It’s not just that it won’t boot, there are no LEDs lighting up to show that it’s even trying. I am using it with an official Raspberry Pi PSU, purchased at the same time.

I have just tested the Pi4 with a spare 1+ Dash Charger (5v/4A) as I don’t have any other PSUs that even come close to being compatible. Whaddya know, it fired right up. So it looks like the PSU died.

They’ve always been so rock solid before (we have just shy of 20 Pis of various vintages going back to the original, and normally buy the official PSU for them), so the question of any sort of warranty on them has never cropped up until now. Does anyone have any insights as to the warranty for the official Raspberry Pi 3A PSU? Can I get a warranty replacement, or do I just have to suck it up and buy a fresh one?


Pimoroni’s refund policy is here.
And you can e-mail them directly via this link.
I’m thinking you may be out of luck time wise though. can’t hurt to ask them though.