Apt failed to update indexes - Hyperpixel4

When running the hyperpixel4 install script i get the error:

E:failed to fetch http://http.re4son-kernal.com/re4son/dists/kali-pi/InRelease Clearsigned file isnt valid, got ‘NOSPLIT’ (does the network require authentication?)
E: The repository ‘http://http.re4son-kernal.com/re4son kali-pi InRelease’ is not signed.
Apt failed to update indexes.

Does anyone know a fix to this issue?
Running on pi3+ on kali linux.

Its because the installer is looking for PiOS (Raspbian). It’s coded for the Official OS, PiOS. Your likely not going to get it to work on kali.

That specifically seems to be some sort of signing error. A glance through the web suggests it’s either an issue with proxies, or it’s an issue with the website failing to properly sign its data and should fix itself in a short while.

It said when i was running the installer that kali linux was supported but experimental

But ill try again later and see if it works then if its just a web issue

Ok, I did not know kali was supported. My bad.

Iv just ended up swapping back as i couldnt get it working