Bme280 breakout humidity stuck on 100%

Has been so for ~ 1 month - after 14 months of successful operation as a weather sensor: pressure and temperature fine. Hooked up over i2c to π0, accessed in Python

Brought in from outside weather shelter and still reading 100% RH → seems stuck

Ordered 9/2021 so just over a year of operation: any suggestions on how to get it back working again?

In case needed code to show how accessing:

pi@weather-station-0:~ $ cat bin/readout.280 
#!/usr/bin/env python3

import bme280
b = bme280.BME280()
t = b.get_temperature()
h = b.get_humidity()
p = b.get_pressure()
print(f"Pressure: {p:.1f} Temperature: {t:.1f} Humidity: {h:.1f}")

pi@weather-station-0:~ $ ./bin/readout.280 
Pressure: 999.6 Temperature: 18.5 Humidity: 100.0

(this is minimal cut down example)

🤔 seems the '280 only good for non-condensing environments i.e. not places where you get fog, like … an outside weather station