Boot Rpi 4

Have recently got a Rpi4 boots ok, but when I shutdown, or reboot, it will not read the sd card. I am using the most recent OS, I have tried several different cards, but the only way to reboot after shutting down is to flash the eeprom, then it will read the card. any suggestion as to how to resolve this would be appreciated. I am a complete noob, so keep it simple please :)

There is a red and a green LED on the Pi. What are they doing when you try to reboot? The green light should flicker when it is booting. Do you see that?

No, only the red light on, I then have to flash the eeprom to get the green light to flash. I can then boot from the sd card.

No green light means it’s not seeing or reading the SD card. It sounds like something is corrupting the SD card. Do you do a proper shutdown when you boot it the first time?

What indicators light up if you boot it up with no SD card inserted?
And what procedure are you using to flash the eeprom?

With no peripherals connected I get red power and green light which flashes 4 times, I believe this indicates the start*elf not found.

To flash the eeprom I do the following

To re-flash the EEPROM

  1. Unzip the contents of this zip file to a blank FAT formatted SD-SDCARD.
  2. Power off the Raspberry Pi
  3. Insert the sd-card.
  4. Power on Raspberry Pi
  5. Wait at least 10 seconds.

The four green flashes as far as I know mean the eeprom is OK?
Start.elf is on the SD Card so to me that means its not reading the SD Card.
Are you shutting down properly? It sounds like something is corrupting your SD Card.

The one time I got the 4 green flashes I had a failed SD Card. It was really weird too, Etcher flashed and verified the card as good, but it wasn’t.