Brand new Rpi Zero w 2 won't boot - 7 flash led


  • My brand new just finally arrived pi zero w2 wont load
  • flashes 7 - boot load error
  • installed with pi imager
  • i can read the card in windows and see the install files
  • tried different sd cards and distos
  • different power supply
  • PC wont recognise board via usb

going to go out now and buy a brand new sd card and try that but apart from that I’m stumped

Thanks for your help


32 bit Pi OS or 64 Bit? If it was 64 bit try the default 32 bit.

One Mico USB is Data + Power, and one is only Power. Make sure you use the correct port for your USB serial connection.

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Im just downloading the 32bit os to try.
Yes aware of ports

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7 flashes suggests the board is alive and can’t find the kernel, so it’s probably a card issue.

As for the USB connection; try a different cable, it might have a bad data line (it’s amazing how many do)

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Thanks for all the help , New card and 32bit Os and up and running
All the docs seemed to suggest it would run in 64bit

It does have a quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor.
I think you’ll get better performance running a 32 bit OS though.
It only has 512MB of SDRAM.

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I want to know where you got a Pi Zero 2 from 😁

These days its blink and you’ve missed it. =(

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