Breakout Garden breakout boards input voltage versus logic level?

I am thinking of getting the Time of Flight board for an Arduino project and want to confirm something first.

It states on the product page that it is
3.3V or 5V compatible and
Compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi, and Arduino

My question is,
If Vin is 3V are the logic levels 3V, for say a Pi?
And if Vin is 5V are the logic levels 5V, for say an Arduino UNO?

I want to use it with an Arduino Uno and Zumo rover. Collision avoidance.

I believe the logic is all 3V3, i.e. you can connect it to 5V on the Pi and it’ll shift that down to 3.3V so as not to cause any harm to the 3V3 logic on the Pi.

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the Arduino UNO use 5 V logic? Thats what I want to use it with. Will it still work with that Arduino?

What I can say is that they should all work with Arduino just fine! As to the exact mechanics of it, I think some of the sensors are both 3V3 and 5V tolerant and the ones that aren’t have the appropriate protection/level-shifting in place.

Ok, I’ll be trying it out at some point. If it doesn’t work with my ZUMO I have a couple of Pi Zero powered rovers I can use it with.
There is an Arduino library here,

for their version,

The board includes a 2.8 V linear regulator and level-shifters that allow it to work over an input voltage range of 2.6 V to 5.5 V,

If yours will work I’d rather use it, saves me making a separate order from them for the one item. I’m starting to rethink it a bit though, maybe I’ll order the line following bits too?