VL53L1X (ToF) Arduino Issues



I bought a Pimoroni VL53L1X (ToF) sensor. It is listed as being compatible with Arduino. However, there is no recommended library to use with it, and both the Adafruit and Polou libraries do not work with the device. I have tried the sensor with two different Arduino UNOs and a ustepper, I get the same results.

For the Adafruit it says it cannot boot the device, and for the Polou library, the serial print comes back empty.

I also cannot get the Python library to install on a Raspberry Pi 2 through pip.

Any idea how to trouble shoot the sensor itself? I ran an I2C detection script on the Arduinos and it can detect an address.




I got my VL53L1X working on my Pi from Python with some help from Phil
VL53L1X Time of Flight (ToF) sensor
My next step was to try getting it working on my Arduino UNO. I had planned to try and use the Adafruit and or Pololu library. I want to use it on my Zumo Rover. Will be watching this thread to see if you get it working.
I’m kind of wondering if they meant compatible with all raspberry Pi’s and “some” Arduino’s?
The UNO uses 5V logic while the Pi uses 3V logic. Which had me wondering if it would work with 5V logic devices?
Breakout Garden breakout boards input voltage versus logic level?


Looking on Adafruit all I see is a VL53L0X, not a VL53L1X
So that may be why thier code doesn’t work.
Pololu do have the VL53L1X listed though, https://www.pololu.com/product/3415
Thiers is listed as “Level-shifted I²C data line: HIGH is VIN, LOW is 0 V”
I think we need to figure out if the Pimoroni VL53L1X needs to be level shifted to work with 5V logic?
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Thanks for the help! VL53L0X and not a VL53L1X, very subtle difference, that I didn’t spot! Could be the problem! I hope Pimoroni can help, it would benefit them if we could find a way to power their product using Arduino!


Hey, I can confirm it works with the VL53L1X library! Thanks for the help! Be useful if this information was available on the product page!


Which VL53L1X library? I ask because you reported earlier that the Pololu library didn’t work correctly.
If it’s not the one I linked to could you post a link to the one you used.
Also, any changes you made would help me out. I plan on hooking mine up to my ZUMO Rover that will have an UNO attached. Just have to find my misplaced round 2it.


I was using the WRONG Pololu library! The Pololu VL53L1X library here works! Just use the example provided with the library!


Great, thanks for the link, will have to get going with my Zumo Rover. I also have the edge detector line following add on, just haven’t soldered it on yet. Then I want to put my VL53L1X in front of that.