Broken switch on Phat beat

Hi there,

By my own stupidity I’ve broken the mono/stereo switch on my Phat Beat…
Which pins on the following pic should I solder together to get stereo out ? And do I get mono or stereo if I leave everything unsoldered ?


I would think it would be the long center pad to the pad on the side with the double speakers. Two separate jumpers from each center pad to the small pad right next to it on that side.
I bet you don’t get any audio with no jumpers.

Looking at the PCB layout the bottom two small pads are unconnected so in its mono position the switch is effectively not there at all- you should get mono sound with no solder bridges.

When switched to Stereo it appears to connect the “Amp Enable” line to the “SM_MODE” pin of each Amp. So yes @alphanumeric’s assessment is correct: bridge 2->1 and 5->4.

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Thanks a million! Soldering iron, here I come ^^