Cakeboards - eek


Got some cakeboards, used one of them and it came apart.

Can be reassembled with care by dropping the connectors in the slots:

Doesn’t seem to be much locking the two plastic layers together.

Should there be glue or similar?


I noticed this on one of mine and “fixed” it with 2.5mm some nylon bolts. I don’t think they’re supposed to be glued ( since involving glue in any sort of manufacturing process is asking for trouble ) but they shouldn’t come apart without some coaxing.


Gonna have to find me some 2.5mm nylon bolts methinkgs…

The boards are lovely, but dismantling a project is a tad fraught :)


If you can find a decent source of 2.5mm nylon bolts, please share.

I’m looking to replace a couple of them from my PiBow Zero case with longer ones so that they can also reach high enough to go through and secure a pHat as well (the supplied ones are about 10mm or so too short!) and I can only find a couple of suppliers, and they want bulk orders when I only need a couple or so.


I’m sure I could pop you some in the post.

@DarrenHill - Unfortunately I don’t think we have anything longer than our PiBow bolts, but I’ll ask around.

Bolts through the cakeboard also add little legs, so you can place stuff on the bottom of the cakeboard too.


That’d be nice, but I have 5 cakeboards already… lot of bolts needed. :)

Interesting experiment earlier… Most pics show components on the white side of the Cakeboard, but flip over and try the transparent side and it seems the insertion/removal force is much lower so less chance of bendysplits.


@gadgetoid - thanks Phil.

It’s the one frustration of the PiBow Zero when you’re using it with a pHat connected to the Zero. It’s close to being able to secure the pHat too, but frustratingly just a few mm too short.

I’ve found a few suppliers like componentforce who do them up to 25mm length, but they want silly money for a small order like I need.


what length do you need, I think I’ve got some 25mm, but is that long enough?


The ones I have are 20mm thread length and that’s enough to secure a phat In place on a pibow. If you only need 2 to support the back then I’m happy to send some to you but that’s all I have left right now.


@RogueM - That would be superb if you could spare them, thanks. 2 is all I need, which is why I was reluctant to web-order a bag of 100 or more.

I’ll send you a PM with my details.