Can I run Enviro+ and FAN Shim at the same time?

On a Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB RAM, under Raspbian Buster will there be bus contention or other issues with the FAN Shim and Enviro+ installed at the same time?

There may be conflicts. Go here and you can see that they use some of the same pins.

if it were me and i want to use the enviro Hat ,i would use the black heat cinc I’m no expert ,but right now my pi 4 isn’t doing much right now but type this message ,it has nothing on the cpu,temp is 43C ,with the large black heatcinc it ran about 34-6 doing the same thing ,and with the FanShim it runs about 30-32

Thank you for your assistance.

I found a better solution: EleDuino Raspberry PI 4 Aluminum Case with Dual Intelligent Temperature Control Fan, Price: $24.90 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00

My EleDuino arrived in yesterday’s mail. I plan to replace the Pimaroni FAN Shim currently cooling the RPi4’s CPU, so that the cooling solution won’t contend with other items I plan to attach to the GPIO bus. The EleDuino dual-fan cooled case’s stand-alone temperature control system is a superior design both electrically and mechanically/thermally with the added benefit of some mechanical redundancy. Along with the reduced USB chip’s power consumption of the latest Raspbian firmware update, this armored case should tame the RPi4’s overheating/throttling issue nicely.

Nice case,just curious ,what are you doing when your Pi over heats and throttles ?

As I haven’t had a throttle issue since adding the FAN Shim, I don’t really recall which specific activities trigger throttling. That said, viewing YouTube videos is pretty reliable in bringing on the fan. This is on a RPi4 with 4GB RAM, which I understand is the hottest version.