Can´t get the HyperPixel (PIM297) to light up


Have have tried several different Raspberry Pi 3 with the same result:
Not even a faint light from the HyperPixel screen.

Hmmm, i’m not a newbie, I have like 20+ Raspberry Pi2/3 and 30+ Zeros.
I have some other small screens and all of them have a faint glow from the back-led even before drivers/software are installed.

Can it be that this screen is broken? Is there some cool commands to check the hardware?
I have (of cource) followed the install-instructions om the GitHub.
Both automatic and manual. Both with screen connected to HDMI and headless with SSH.

/Per Smedberg


The backlight should be on by default- are you using the same SD card across multiple Pi’s, could it have any other software that’s interfering with BCM 19?


Have i changed the SD card with every test and used it with a fresh Stretch version. Also tested with a fresh Jessie install - both lite and full - same result.


Ok, now I have done more installations on brand new Raspberry Pi3:s.
And I tried several sd-cards with fresh installation of stretch with all updates possible.
But im beginning to think that the software approach not is the way…because there is still not even a faint glimmer from the backlight.
Can anyone confirm that there should be a faint glimmer from the background led even before the os has loaded?

What do i do next?


The backlight state is pulled on by default in hardware, so absolutely. Unless the software is explicitly turning the backlight off or doing something funny with that pin, it should be on. It sounds like you need a replacement!